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Cement Concrete Construction Major Processes

One of the most used man made material is the cement. Buildings and other structures requires cement in their construction. Cement, sand, water and gravel are the materials that make up concrete. Cement is a major component in forming concrete and without cement the concrete cannot be made. Cement is used as a binding agent in concrete and it joins together materials such as sand and gravel but in the presence of water.

Reinforced cement concrete is made up of the reinforcement bars which are mainly made up of steel. The use of steel and cement like the Hawaiian cement in making concrete can be explained by the compact ability of these materials because they are very strong and they are easy to produce and cheap. In designing and constructing concrete there are several processes and procedures that shall be required to come up with the best form and type of concrete.

The amounts and proportions of the material requirements must be determined. The type of cement, the size and type of the aggregate, the amount of water and other chemical mixtures should be determined. Generating the best requirements shall ensure that the results are worthy. It is important to determine the best design mix. Economic factors should be considered whilst evaluating the needed properties of the concrete. The strength of the concrete must be ensured though ensuring the utmost support of the load. Depending on how the concrete is going to be applied it is good to note its workability on how it is going to settle on a flat surface.

Environmental conditions should be considered while making concrete and where it is to be put. The concrete should not melt or freeze in the environment. There should be resistance to moisture and harsh soil elements. Another factor is the surface wear which means that the upper layer of the concrete should not easily wear out in order for the structure too last long and be durable to serve its intended purpose.
Mixing is initiated after making the necessary considerations. The contractor should not under mix the ingredients because it leads to weaknesses.

Pouring is a method under placing which is done if the mixing site is near the construction site. The concrete is transported through trucks under long distances and buckets or cranes if the distance is close. After the concrete is placed, then consolidation is done to clear any air gaps. After consolidation it is important not to overdo the compacting which can be done by rollers. Finishing is the second last activity of cement concrete construction and it involves adjusting the appearance of the concrete which can be the floor in this case. To achieve the required properties and reduce the concrete’s vulnerbility, the surface is allowed to cure.

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